this was the first photo I ever drew on paint. Its original name was A Flower in a Flower but I figured that the name was silly so I just called it Flowers. Is it pretty? I put all my … Continue reading

Heloisa rocks!

That’s me! I like myself and I know I have a purpose in life. portugues: Essa sou eu! Eu gosto de mim e eu sei que tenho um propósito na vida.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online site that you play on. it is so fun! plus this “fox hat” that everyone wants, I HAVE IT! just ask me for it. Search me, on your friends list, flower204663. portugues: Animal Jam é um site on-line onde você joga. é tão divertido! Este “chapéu de raposa”, que todo mundo quer, eu tenho! é só me pedir. procure por mim, na sua lista de amigos, flower204663.

my rose

I actually drew this! I made photo by these following steps: went to Paint, then went to Google images, searched up the word “rose” then copied it and put it on paint, searched up a picture of a monarch butterfly, … Continue reading