Banana song

English: SOO funny you will be guaranteed to LAUGH. Português: Tão engraçado você será garantida a rir.

Club Penguin

YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO THIS DISNEY WEBSITE. ITS CALLED: YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! P.S. I CAN ALSO GIVE YOU THE ADRESS TO THIS CLUB PENGUIN CODES WEBSITE: you get a bunch of codes there. just scroll down and you will find lots of cool stuff. After you make a penguin, In order to unlock all the cool stuff for your penguin, go to this website: login, and type in all the codes, but one at a time :). Have fun when you play!! 

Ice Sculpture

One day I wanted to made a ice sculpture so I grabbed a heart shaped measuring cup put in a couple of crushed ice cubes and water then put it inside the freezer then waited one hour. then one heart … Continue reading


my favorite bug is the Ladybug. So I decided to make a picture of it. they tickle your finger when you get them on your finger. portuguse: meu bug favorito é o Joaninha. Então eu decidi fazer um desenho dele. … Continue reading


This is not a real type of butterfly. You see, my grandma is all the way back in Brazil. So I called her on Skype, and she helped me make this. me and my grandma like certain types of colors. … Continue reading